Monday, March 19, 2012

From Garcia

There were three reasons for this shoot;

First, its summer! and I thought that it would be a "cool" thing to have photo-up, welcoming the "hot" summer fever.

Second, I was with these oh-so beautiful ladies, who did give me a favor to have this with them.

Third, we just felt like it. I mean, you don't actually need a special thing or something to have photo shoots. Each day is a perfect one to do it!

Photographed by Migs Garcia

Gabriella Marquez
Angela Manzano
Early last year, my best friend Angel and I were given the privilege of having Migs as our photographer for this random shoot. So happy with how the pictures turned out. Thank you so much, Miiiiigs :)
Here are a few more pictures from the shoot.

For more of Migs' work, check out his site here. :)

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